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Connor Mason
Account Principal
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Billy Collins
Account Principal 

While many brands might think of mobile ecommerce as an exciting future idea, leading companies across industries have already established effective and pervasive mobile ecommerce strategies that have proven the channel’s potential. Now, the advent of emerging technologies like machine learning, chat bots, and voice-based interfaces have given marketers new tools to engage their customers, showcase their products, and effect the level of proactive suggestions and ubiquitous access that Amazon has so visibly pioneered.

In this webinar, we’ll highlight the forward-looking technology and UX trends that will define the mobile ecommerce space in years to come, and discuss how any brand can begin to take advantage of them today. Ecommerce brands shouldn’t think of Amazon as an insurmountable juggernaut in their industries—instead, we’ll share strategies that can bring world-class personalization and sophistication to any mobile ecommerce app. 

What you’ll learn

  • How to rethink mobile loyalty and in-app personalization by getting started with AI and machine learning
  • How to leverage new native app capabilities and all-new UX channels to better connect customers and products
  • How to leverage emerging UX trends like conversational commerce to introduce engaging new experiences in your apps
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