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Connor Mason
Account Principal
Greg Phelps
Account Principal

Apple's latest mobile operating system promises some major design changes that touch every corner of the iPhone and iPad user experience—new multitasking features that make work more efficient and fun, new services in Messages to make payments a breeze, and new enhancements in iCloud to synchronize all of the Apple devices in users' lives. But for third-party iOS developers, a new bar has been set with iOS 11. Users will come to expect an elevated user experience that takes full advantage of the latest features that iOS has to offer—and anything less will feel stale, fast.

In this webinar, we'll explore how your iOS app can evolve and adapt to feel right at home alongside the latest and greatest iOS 11 apps. This will include not only improvements to the app's design that match Apple's latest interface guidelines and modernize the app's feel, but also new how your team can integrate new developer tools to reinvent core elements of your iOS app's experience. IKEA isn't the only brand that can make something cool with ARKit—and in this webinar, we'll discuss tools and frameworks that can make every part of your app's UX feel just as exciting as dropping a virtual couch in your living room.

What you'll learn:

  • How to modernize your app's user interface to fit into the latest iOS design paradigms, look great on iPhone X, and keep up with platform best practices
  • How to take advantage of new system frameworks like SiriKit, Depth Map APIs, and Core NFC to streamline your app's codebase and power exciting new end-user features
  • How to jump into all-new experiences with ARKit, power intelligent new personalization with machine learning and Core ML, and more
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