Led By:
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Brad Carrera
Head of Research
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Sarah Hertzberg
Director of Client Success

In a world overflowing with options when it comes to digital products, remarkable user experiences are now a requirement for success. If you’ve ever tried to build an app, website, or intranet then you know that constructing a remarkable user experience is a difficult and mystifying task. It’s even more difficult when you’re creating something innovative or disruptive. Luckily, by leveraging just a few approaches to UX research you and your team can de-mystify the behaviors, beliefs, frustrations, and needs of your users and create a UX that stands above the competition. 

What you'll learn:

  • Compelling examples of the ROI behind research-driven UX.
  • How to decide on the appropriate research method to answer big UX questions.
  • How to leverage generative user research, usability studies, psychographic personas, and design sprints to inform and test actual product features and ideas.
  • Tips on how to transform detractors into advocates of research-driven UX.

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