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Michelle Woods
Scrum Master
Ryan Atkins
Scrum Master

In many companies, retrospectives are considered the least essential scrum ceremony and are the first to get cut when time crunches or budgets dictate. However, the positive impact they have on a team’s communication, empathy, and conflict resolution skills is only fully realized when they are held regularly and structured properly.

With the value of it often overlooked, it can often fall to the ScrumMaster to protect the purpose and prove the value of the retrospective: ensuring it is not skipped, that its activities are meaningful to the team, and that its outcomes are visible to all stakeholders and decision makers. When held regularly, the benefits of retros are felt company-wide. 

To this end, a ScrumMaster’s activities leading up to and after the session can be just as crucial and important as the session itself. This webinar will equip your team with the tools and tactics necessary to build trust, openly address difficult topics, and make tangible commitments to improving. 


What you'll learn:

  • Best practices for retrospective preparation, including how to tailor the format and talk track for different audiences & contexts.
  • Tactics for engaging all participants during the retrospective & tips for keeping the dialogue constructive and honest.
  • Pointers on follow up, including how to socialize outcomes and ensure assignment and completion of selected action items. 

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