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Sarah Hertzberg
Director of HR Tech
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Connor Mason
Lead Solution Architect

Attracting and retaining the right talent for your organization is harder than ever, and the channels and tools candidates use to find your brand have become moving targets. Crafting a resonant employer brand is only one part of the equation—candidates have come to expect world-class digital user experiences that reflect the employer brand proposition at every stage of the application flow.

For talent acquisition teams, the challenge of how and where to best connect with candidates doesn’t have to be a question—imbuing your digital employer brand strategy with candidate-centric UX strategy can help ensure candidates understand your employer brand value all the way through applying. Better understanding candidates’ needs, designing experiences to meet those expectations on every device, and gaining real-world insights into candidate behaviors can help HR and TA teams proactively solve for applicant needs. The first step is adopting a candidate experience approach to employer brand product design.

What you'll learn:

  • How to define candidate personas for your talent audience to guide smarter messaging and channel strategy for your employer brand.
  • How to design your careers website and application flow to better represent your employer brand and exceed each candidate’s expectations.
  • How to implement analytics tracking and tagging strategies into each stage of the apply flow to gain insights into candidate behaviors.

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