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Billy Collins
Account Principal
Dan Wolf Punchkick Interactive
Dan Wolf
Head of Technology

Like artificial intelligence, chat bots, and augmented reality, machine learning is one of the great buzzwords of 2017. While the hype is real, most brands are at a loss when it comes to kickstarting initiatives that would apply the principles of machine learning to solve real business problems. In this webinar, we'll introduce participants to the core tenants that underlie the best machine learning technology available and will give you a practical set of tools you can use today to help your business get started with machine learning tomorrow.

Today's best brands have already created a roadmap for how machine learning will improve process, more effectively service their customers, and predict the future using sophisticated machine learning algorithms. Even more impactful, technology leaders are making it easier then ever to integrate machine learning into every business. Those companies who begin experiment with machine learning early will ultimately become more competitive in their industry.

What you'll learn:

  • How to identify if your business is ready for machine learning
  • Tactics to uncover business problems that can be solved using machine learning
  • Steps you can take today to make machine learning work for your company
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Identify Essential Machine Learning Opportunities for your Company